Treehouse Internatural is a sustainable development, mission-driven organization working to help each other design, build, and live in harmony with our planet


We offer whole system design & construction for new projects ranging from small gardens & additions, to large scale community & subdivision developments.


We are an educational organization, so we usually have students, interns and apprentices working along with us. 


Our home base is the Seneca Treehouse Project  a permaculture demonstration site and learning center for field trips, vacations, and small corporate events.  

If you are interested in doing a project, please consider the following:

  • Start with your mission, vision, and purpose - this will help you stay focused throughout the project

  • Learn the landscape & existing wildlife - think of dominion as stewardship rather than dominance 

  • Community - what can you do to enhance the local community? 

  • Resource acquisition & disposal - source materials locally & ethically, and dispose of by recycling or reusing whenever possible

  • Longevity & aesthetics - you are building something that will be around for several generations. Take time & do it well. 

  • Living systems within the project - prepare for all life that will live on site through the generations


  • Energy consumption - focus on renewable energy

  • Education & inspiration for future generations - design elements to inspire & empower future generations

  • Economic Stability - It has to be good for people, the planet, and be economically sound 

Responsible development is a lot to consider, so we are here to help. Click the buttons below to contact us for an a free initial consultation. 


holistic design to enhance life & the world around us