71 Solutions

for Peace, Prosperity & Harmony with our Planet

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Scott's book "71 Solutions" is now available!


We are currently offering a color print hardcopy on Amazon with a Kindle version arriving soon.


The book is designed for the average individual who wants to live with intention to heal the planet while improving quality of life for all humans, and all living species. It is a book and a workbook. If you read AND DO the activities in the book, you will save money WHILE creating resilience for you and your family.


As we are closing in on the completion of the Seneca Treehouse Project, the majority of our proceeds from the book are being used to build Treehouse Trade School, expanding on our hands-on, applied learning opportunities for sustainability.

Even though the book is published, the journey has only begun. We are also creating a web site, 71Solutions.org for blogging and a forum for all of the readers to interact and share their journey through the book.

Book or no book, you are invited to visit the website, 71solutions.org, and add your comments, questions or thoughts to the forum.