403 Coneross Ave Seneca, SC 29678

Treehouse Team

Like a tree, the Treehouse team consists of many unseen parts, including people beneath the bark, and underground as the roots of the tree.  Part of our business model is to train & work with new interns annually.  We are extremely grateful for our staff, interns, advisors, and what we consider, the Treehouse Family, who makes the Treehouse What it is.  

Staff & Directors

Chelsea Bunn


Andi Owens 




Garrett McDonald

Construction Subcontractor

2020 Interns

Ezra Wool

Fitness Trainers

Phaedra Oconell - Yoga

Jarrad Holcolmbe

Board of Advisors

James Toye

Robert Krieger

Alex Pellett

Andy Lemons

Neal Workman

Richard Ameris

Extension Agents

Merideth Gerrigan

Jeremi Howard

Partners & Affiliates