Treehouse Trade School is our main objective


A castle wonderland

with a healthy vibrant economy

where all creatures thrive

A Case for Action

Communities are losing the ability to provide for themselves due to the

loss of basic trade skills in addition to community connection as well as

the dependence on resources that are outside of our control.   

If we take no action, people will continue to lose hope for a sustainable

future & the skills necessary empower their community. 


We are creating Treehouse Trade School to provide an optimal environment

where people are nourished to become leaders in their community and to create

social and environmental enterprises to empower others and heal the planet. 

While you wait for the above vision to unfold, Please enjoy...

71 Solutions - for Peace, Prosperity, and Harmony with our Planet

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V--- Online Classes ---V

Our classes are currently hosted on You will have to create a membership (free 14 day trial) in order to take the class. Bear with us as we build a new web site to make this available to you without a membership.